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flirt4freee’s elegant benchtop press, featured with safety, cost-efficiency, and ease-of-use, is an extremely flexible machinery equipment used as independent small bench top presses, or for integration in the production line, such as riveting, assembly,dani danel , press fitting and so on. With compact benchtop size, and user-friendly features and options, we offer our customer a simple benchtop press solution with competitive price and life-long engineering support and service.

Each benchtop press built in flirt4freee is inspected with our tough quality standards to ensure years of maintenance-free and reliable operation.,free xcafe


Advantages of flirt4freee bench top hydraulic presses:,fucked sex

• Three-sides access for convenient loading and unloading dies or tools, as well as easy die maintenance and adjustments
• Easy evacuation of scrap metal and finished parts
• Small footprint
• Modular design, customize to your specifications
• Fast, easy and safe setup and operation
• Years of maintenance-free and reliable operation.

livecam sex,flirt4freee benchtop presses can be modified with specific tonnage, stroke, shut height, bed size to meet your special need.


flirt4freee-P05 series hydraulic benchtop press detailed technical specification,large hd sex

Please note that we can custom-build benchtop presses directly to your specifications.,maturbate

Description,faran sex

flirt4freee-P05 5T flirt4freee-P05 10T flirt4freee-P05 15T flirt4freee-P05 30T

plumber xxx,flirt4freee-P05 50T

Nominal Force,taboo heat

50 KN 100 KN 150 KN 300 KN 500 KN
Structure Bench Top Type Bench Top Type Bench Top Type Bench Top Type

vedio sex hd,Bench Top Type

xvideo retro,Cylinder Stroke

150 mm 200 mm 200 mm 250 mm

300 mm,porn photoes

Open Height 300 mm 350 mm 350 mm 400 mm

450 mm,fat naked

Bed Table ,desi mal sex

500*400 mm 500*400 mm 500*400 mm 600*400 mm

600*400 mm,kinki sex

Ram Dimension 400*250 mm 400*250 mm 400*250 mm 500*300 mm

500*300 mm,bf sex vidos

Table Height,brazzears

750 mm 750 mm 750 mm 750 mm 750 mm
Closing Speed 130 mm/s 130 mm/s 130 mm/s 127 mm/s

sexi vibiyo,127 mm/s

Slow Pressing Speed,naked couple

13.5 mm/s 13.5 mm/s 13.5 mm/s 11.8 mm/s 11.8 mm/s
Return Speed 125mm/s 125 mm/s 125 mm/s 110 mm/s

sexy stpries,110 mm/s

Motor,pussi nude

4 Pole, 2.2 KW 4 Pole, 3.5 KW 4 Pole, 5 KW 4 Pole, 5.5 KW 4 Pole 7.5 KW
Power Supply 3Phase, 220/380/415/480VAC, 50/60HZ 3Phase, 220/380/415/480VAC, 50/60HZ 3Phase, 220/380/415/480VAC, 50/60HZ 3Phase, 220/380/415/480VAC, 50/60HZ

3Phase, 220/380/415/480VAC, 50/60HZ,maturbate

System Pressure,sexmovie

20 Mpa 20 Mpa 20 Mpa 25 Mpa 25 Mpa

Machine Approx. Weight,hentai ms

900 KG 1.1 Ton 1.3 Ton 2.2 Ton

3.3 Ton,shaved pusy

marica haze,Machine Approx. Size

700*800*1700 mm 700*800*1750 mm 700*800*1750 mm 800*900*1850 mm 800*900*1950 mm

√   Rod guided ram with removable tooling plate
√   T-Slots and mounting holes on moving platen and bed
√   Color HMI
√   Index tables and automatic feeding systems
√   Load cell
√   Linear position sensor
√   Heating platen and temperature controller
√   Air blast valve with timer and air nozzles
√   Re-settable counter

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Please tell our engineering team your unique press requirements. We will reply to you in the first place!,fuq torrent

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